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2023 3rd International Conference on New Materials and Chemical Engineering (AMCE 2023) 

has come to a successful conclusion!


On October 21, 2023, the 3rd International Academic Conference on New Materials and Chemical Engineering (AMCE 2023) was successfully held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The conference was co-sponsored by School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Central South University, Daya Bay College of Chemical and New Materials, Huizhou University, Guangdong University of Petrochemical Engineering, and co-organized by Xiangtan University, University of South China, Changzhou University and Kunming University of Science and Technology. The conference was successfully held in the form of online + offline combination.


AMCE 2023

Opening ceremony

Preside over the opening

Professor JingangYu , Central South University


The opening ceremony was officially opened at 9 am on the 21st, presided over by Professor JingangYu of Central South University, chairman of the conference, and warmly welcomed the arrival of experts and scholars on behalf of the conference.


The purpose of this meeting is to promote the green, standardized, sustainable and healthy development of new materials and chemical engineering in China, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, promote interdisciplinary integration and the combination of industry, university and research, and understand the relevant major key theories and technical problems. Expand the research scope of new material application basis and chemical engineering technology at home and abroad, and strengthen the communication and exchange of universities, research institutes, societies and related industries.


Leadership speech

Vice Dean, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Central South University

Professor Hua Yang 


Keynote speech



Prof. Hongbo Shu - Xiangtan University, China
Title: 锂硫电池中多功能催化剂的结构构筑和作用机理研究

Studies on construction and effect mechanism of the multifunctional catalyst catalyst for Li-S batteries



Prof. Jie Teng - Hunan University, China
Title: 耐磨铝基复合材料研究及进展

Research and Development of Wear-resistant Aluminum Matrix Composite Materials



Prof. Yong Kong - Changzhou University, China
Title: 表面分子印迹生物传感器及其用于蛋白质检测

Surface molecularly imprinted biosensor and their applications in proteins detection 



Prof. Hong'en Wang - Yunnan Normal University, China
Title: 多功能阴极宿主材料的设计及在高性能锂硫电池中的应用

Design of multifunctional cathode host materials for lithium-sulfur batteries with enhanced electrochemical performances 


Prof. Jingang Yu - Central South University, China
Title: 纳米碳复合材料及其吸附特性调控

Regulate the adsorption properties of carbon nanocomposites



Prof. Dong Fang - Kunming University of Science and Technology, China
Title: 钒酸盐纳米线的制备及其功能化应用

Preparation and application of vanadate nanowires


Prof. Jie Xu - Wuhan Textile University, China
Title: 纤维素基电化学储能器件

Cellulose-Based Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices


Prof. Guiyin Li - Guangdong University of Petrochemical Technology, China
Title: 铂@钯纳米酶的设计及其在检测肝癌标记物中的应用

Design of Platinum@Palladium-based nano-enzymes and their application in detecting hepatocellular carcinoma markers


Dr. Jiao Zou - Huizhou University, China
Title: 手性界面电化学识别氨基酸对映体

Electrochemical recognition of amino acid enantiomers at chiral interfaces


Osman Adiguzel教授,福莱特大学
Prof. Osman Adiguzel - Firat University,Turkey
Title: 热处理和机械处理在形状记忆合金可逆性中的作用

The Role of Thermal and Mechanical Treatments in Reversibility Behavior of Shape Memory Alloys


Dhanesh G. Mohan教授,哈尔滨工业大学
Prof. Dhanesh G. Mohan - Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Title: 镍基高温合金的增材制造

Additive Manufacturing of Nickel-Based Superalloys

The participants of the conference come from the National Rare Earth Engineering Research Center, Central South University, University of Science and Technology of China, Chongqing University, Jilin University, Tianjin University, Northeastern University, Qilu University of Technology, Beijing Technology and Business University, Baise University, Northwest Minzu University, Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology, Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University, Army Chemical Defense College, Electric Power Research Institute and many other domestic surgery departments During the conference, experts and scholars conducted active exchanges in oral reports, poster displays and other links to jointly discuss the latest research results in this field.